What began in 1947 as an excavation company has grown and changed many times as we’ve built highways, houses, commercial developments, and more neighborhood subdivisions than we can recall.  Along the way we’ve also owned and operated stone quarries, storage units, and even a car wash.  Today, in its third generation of family ownership, we’re focused primarily on multifamily rentals and real estate development in the Marysville, Ohio area.

Connolly Construction Co. Founded

After being drafted as a civilian contractor and serving during wartime, Roscoe Connolly returned to Union County and started Connolly Construction Co.

First Local Subdivision

The company builds Marysville’s first modern subdivision on the east side and becomes a National Homes franchisee to construct the homes there. Dutch named Buerger Street for his wife’s maiden name and Connolly Street to honor his parents, as told by Bergie.

Rapid Growth

Roscoe and Edith (known by many of their friends as Dutch and Bergie) grow the company and Connolly Construction is involved in many well-known large excavation jobs, including Mad River Mountain/Valley Hi Ski Resort, portions of I-71, the Columbus Zoo, and Scioto Downs.

The 2nd Generation Takes Over

Dutch and Bergie’s sons grew up in the business and began to take a more active role as young men. Phillip is named President and he and his wife Sarah come to own the business. Dwight remains close to the family as he pursues other career interests but has the distinction of working at different times with all 3 generations of the family as the business changes over the decades.

Focus on East Liberty Stone Quarry

The rapid growth of the region leads Connolly Construction to focus on supplying aggregate for road base, asphalt, and concrete from its East Liberty quarry for Honda, its suppliers, and the conversion of Rt. 33 from a 2-lane highway to a 4-lane limited access divided highway.

 Transition to Real Estate Development

After years of constructing projects for others, Connolly Construction Co. sells the East Liberty stone quarry and transitions again to focus on its own development projects, including the award-winning Green Pastures neighborhood on Marysville’s west side. At the same time, Complete Mini Storage grows from a few boxcars with padlocks to a modern storage facility with computer-controlled access.

Entry into Multifamily & Development Continues

The company desires to create a wide variety of housing options and seizes the opportunity to enter the multifamily market. Residence Apartments are purchased and Lakeside Apartments are built. Complete Mini Storage is sold and the ground is broken for City Gate on Marysville’s East side. City Gate will become home to a wide variety of businesses including banks, restaurants, medical offices, and assisted living.

Apartments & Commercial Sites Added

Aldersgate Apartments are built in the center of Green Pastures as our nicest rental offering to date.  Connolly Construction works with Kroger to create the Bethel Woods development at the far western edge of Marysville.

Transition & Growth

The company continues to grow and diversify, with Phillip retiring and John taking over operations, and later John and his wife Pam taking over ownership. The company purchases a car wash and rebrands it as Suds Brothers, in honor of Phillip and Dwight. Today, all three of the third generation, John, Mike, and Kathy, work together in a variety of roles in the company.